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Subject: extra money 8This story contains sex between two male teenagers. If this offends you
then please leave now otherwise enjoy the story.This story is fictional and nothing that happens in the story actually
happened in real vlad models
life. Likewise none of the names used in this story are
the actual names of those whom this story is based on.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So everyone had left and it was just Scott and Josh. As Scott attempted
to get up off the floor and regain his stregnth after that action filled
day Josh walked up to him and grabbed his hand. "Here let me help dapco model tom you"
Josh said as he took Scotts hand and helped him up "Thanks" scott
replyed."Here's the money that everyone paid you I'll set here on the table and
I'll get what I owe you after where done because I'm very horny after
watching all of that." josh said as he sat close to 800 dollars on the
table. "What do you mean what you owe me?? You mean that after all this
you think I'd make you pay? Josh it would be my pleasure to help you."
Scott stated as he moved over to where Josh was standing. "Josh remeber
when we worked together and we use to joke around with each other?" "Umm
Yeah I think so" Josh said not quite getting to where Scott was. "well
one time we were joking and yoku said you had on your lucky blue boxers
and I was wondering do you have them on tonight?" Scott asked with a slek
smile across his face. "Oddly enough yeah I do have firex model 4518
them on why?" Josh
said still not where Scott was. "Well because they must really be lucky
because your about to get the popular whore in town for free!!" "Oh
really well since your going to help me out then why not make a deal?"
Josh said now where Scott was. "What kind of deal?" "If you help me out
then I'll help you out" Josh said with a devilish grin across his sexy
face. "Thats not a deal thats a dream" WIth that Scotts knees hit the
Josh just looked at Scott as Scotts hands moved up and down Josh's
croucth. Scott slowy un-bottened Josh's blue jeans and using his teeth
pulled the zipper down. With that Scott finally saw the blue boxers that
he had been visalizing ever since the night Josh told him. Scott pulled
Josh's pants down and licked Josh's hard cock though his cotton boxers.
As moans escaped Josh's mouth Scott stood up and as his hands slid up
Josh's body Josh's shirt was young tgp models removed. This gave Scott his first look at
Josh's body, he's about 5'8" 160 and toned not like a wieght lifter but
just right he had a tight body that his chest was well chisled and his
abs where nice defined and he had some brown hair just bellow his belly
button that made a perfect treasure trail to a treasure that Scott has
only dreamed about until now. So with his shirt off Scott and Josh locked
in a passoniate kiss that seemed to last an entirenity. Then Scott broke
away and kissed Josh's chest licked his way from one nipple to the other
gently giving each little love bites as he crossed over them. Then he
kissed down Josh's abs liking them each when he got there and the
continued down. He licked his way down josh treasure trail getting to
the top of his boxers. Using his teeth he pulled them down to release his
8 inch cock from its prison. After the boxers where so far down scott
pulled them down the rest of the way and josh stepped out of them
standing there completely naked. Scott then imedatly head for Josh's cock
he licked the shaft up and down then took each of his balls in his mouth
and using his tounge rolled them around. Doing this caused Josh trashy lingerie models
to moan
loudly and fall back onto the the coutch behind him. then knowing what to
do form all the experience today Scott took Josh's cock in his mouth
right down to the base. But instead of coming back up Scott let his
tounge roll up and down and all around the shaft for a few minutes then
he came back up. He came the whole way off and licked the head and rolled
his tounge around 3d model trains that before engulfing the dick again and going up and
down and up starr bikini models
and virgins boys model down as he did this Josh's hands roamed all over Scotts
head as he tried to shove Scott down again and again. Scotts hands roamed
up Josh's chest then to the perfect bubble but that josh had. As Scott
sucked the life of Josh's cock two fingers penatrated Josh's hole. And to
Scotts amazement they did this with ease. Scott continued to suck up and
down on Josh's dick as one han caressed his balls the other was still at
his ass. After about twenty minutes of this Scott felt Josh's balls
tension up and so he sucked down to the base and came back up just in
time as Josh Grunted and moaned with ectasy as load after load of white
juicey cum filled scotts mouth. Scott continued to suck until there was
no more left and then came up off of Josh and said "Well I guess I young model japanese
be leaving soon" Josh replied "Whats the rush we have all night"So there it is the final chapter in this story I hoped you liked it.
Please write me with comments I enjoy hear them.

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